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Pin-up shower cap.

Ditch that plastic bag and invest in a shower cap that accommodates all your hair styles.

This Pin-Up shower cap is perfect for those with longer hairstyles, as it provides ample space without compromising on comfort or functionality. You can now enjoy your showers without worrying about getting your hair wet.


The waterproof design ensures that water stays out, keeping your hair dry and protected from moisture damage. The elastic band ensures a secure fit around any head size, making it perfect for all ages.

This Pin-Up shower cap is the perfect solution for keeping your long hair dry while showering. Made of durable and waterproof PVC material, this cap is designed to fit snugly and prevent any water from seeping through.

  • Waterproof: With its waterproof design, this shower cap ensures your hair stays dry no matter how long you stay in the shower.
  • Portable: This lightweight and easy-to-pack shower cap can be taken along on any travel adventure so you can keep your hair looking great no matter where you are.

In summary, if you're looking for a practical yet stylish solution to keeping your long hair dry while in the shower - look no further than this Pin-Up Shower Cap!

Pin-up shower cap.


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