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Please allow 5 - 7 business days for order processing and 3-5 days for parcel drop-off. This timeframe is an estimate, parcels could be processed & shipped sooner. 

Items from viral social media post could take longer to process, resulting in items being shipped outside of standard shipping policy.

A shipping notification informs you your item has been processed, please allow time for parcel drop-off as a shipping notification does NOT indicate your item has shipped. 

We do NOT ship on weekends

​Once parcel is dropped off  (Scanned into USPS system), Lipoholics Cosmetics will no longer assume responsibility of the parcel. Refunds will NOT be issued for lost or stolen packages, customer will have to contact USPS to file a claim.

Refunds will not be issued for customers who have entered incorrect addresses (including missing unit/Apt numbers). If the package is returned to sender, the customer will be contacted and advised of shipping fee amount, to resend the items. If the customer preference is a refund, a refund of the item amount will be sent. "Item amount" means amount paid for item(s), shipping fee is non-refundable. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO ITEMS THAT HAS BEEN RETURNED TO SENDER.

We do NOT alter information entered via customer. If you shipped to the wrong address, your order will be refunded and you will be advised to reorder with updated information.


Due to the nature of products,


All packages are weighed prior to shipping and all items are inspected prior to packaging. If an item is missing, package weight will be referenced for verification. Upon verification, the missing item will be sent free of charge or a refund will be issued (Based on customer preference).

After item is marked "Delivered" by USPS, customer will have two weeks (weekends included) to advise of missing or defective items.

Due to all sales being final, no cancellations will be accepted. If you change your mind after purchase, deny the parcel upon delivery. Once the parcel is returned to sender, a refund will be issued in the amount of the item purchased. As stated above, shipping fees are non-refundable


are for popular products that people want. If you want something that is pre-ordered, you have to wait up to 2-4 weeks for it to arrive to our location plus an additional 3 days for processing.

Pre-Sale items are ordered special, just for you! After order is placed, NO refund request will be accepted nor will any cancellations.


IMPORTANT: If you are pre-ordering item(s) on Lipoholics Cosmetics , and you have in-stock items) and pre-order item(s) in the same cart, shipment of your in-stock items) may be delayed until your pre-order item (s) is ready for shipping.

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